About Us

MLRP Media Group’s comprehensive portfolio comprises 16 cutting-edge blogs and we are not done expanding. We debuted with a single stand-alone entertainment site and today our wide ranging portfolio includes entertainment, pop culture, travel, daytime soaps, cats, dogs, country music and lifestyle reporting.

Our collection of popular and innovative websites includes:

Our global footprint is substantial and still growing. MLRP’s daily viewers reside in over 100 countries and millions of readers access our sites each month.

How We Started

We launched our flagship website Celeb Dirty Laundry (CDL) in 2006 and our first foray into the digital realm quickly grew into one of the world’s leading entertainment destinations. In 2013 CDL was revamped to cater to our primary audience, Daytime Soap watchers. At that time we devoted coverage to the four US soaps: Days of Our Lives, The Young and The Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and General Hospital. Since then we have increased our audience share by reporting on several popular UK soaps.

CDL quickly became the go-to site for Daytime Soap readers hungry for the latest soap news, spoilers, recaps, and more. Daytime soap readers are among the most loyal on the internet and as our audience grew so did our expansion into several other sites. Our loyal readership followed us, and now regularly access Soap Opera Spy, Hollywood Hiccups, etc. for 24/7 daytime drama coverage.

Following our success in the entertainment, pet space, and country music realms, we expanded into the travel and tourism niche. The site Tourist Meets Traveler is informed by the founders’ love of world travel, and real-world experiences across all levels of tourism including luxury travel and family travel.

As with our flagship site, Tourist Meets Traveler met with immediate success. Today the founders are brand ambassadors for National Geographic Kids, Peanuts, Netgear, Care Bears, The Roman Guy, and more. We are partnered with Viking Cruise Lines, Ford, Prince Edward Island, Massachusetts, The Roman Guy, Bahamas, Texas, Universal Cabana Baby and more, full list HERE!

Our Future

Not content to follow the herd, MLRP is constantly evolving. Our brand specializes in interactive social media and our stats attest to our success—our dedicated direct-traffic fan base nearly doubles every quarter. As such MLRP Media Group is constantly pushing the creative envelope to bring novel and exciting sites to our readership and our newest website launches are General Hospital Tea, Reality Tea Vee, The Royal Princesses and Country Music Lane.

MLRP Media Group’s diverse family of sites have been featured in major publications, on TV, radio and popular websites including: The Huffington Post, The Guardian, USA Today, ET Online, Washington Post, TMZ, USA Today, Celebuzz, De Telegraff, GLOBE Magazine, Radar Online, Ryan Seacrest on Virgin Radio, Forbes, Access Hollywood, WWE and The Soup, to name a few.

MLRP Media Group websites attract and retain viewers with smart, edgy writing, intelligent analysis, and multi-media expertise. The result is a compelling, all-encompassing user experience with a demonstrated consistent viewer stream based on our direct-traffic fan base stats.

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